Look, god knows I love RoboCop as much as anybody, and god knows I retweeted this as soon as I saw it, too—

—but holy shit, those nerds actually went and did it, raising $50,000 in an attempt to get a RoboCop statue built in Detroit. (Actually, according to the movement's Kickstarter page, they're actually a little over—$52,965.)

Keep in mind that this is Detroit, a city so hard-up that it (A) more or less actually resembles the dystopic Detroit from RoboCop, and (B) has resorted to getting its pep talks from Eminem car commercials.

I will say it again: God knows I love RoboCop. And not to sound like an asshole, but being cute on the internet is one thing, and actually using $50,000 to help make cash-strapped Detroit a better place—and not just a half-dead city that happens to have a statue of RoboCop in it—is another. Nice work, fellow RoboCop nerds, for raising $50,000 in the name of our favorite cyborg law enforcement officer. But how about—instead of directing it to a statue forged out of equal parts metal and irony—donating that $50,000 to, I don't know, a Detroit children's hospital or something. Take a cue from the Browncoats, or from Child's Play, or any other group of philanthropic dweebs. Do some good with your nerdery.

Hell, maybe you can have it both ways—for a $50,000 donation, I bet some hospital in Detroit would rename a wing or something as the "RoboCop Memorial Children's Hospital." And maybe, just maybe, this guy could cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. It's just an idea. But perhaps, my fellow nerds, it's time, once again, to ask the question that we ask ourselves every morning: What would RoboCop do?