• WANT!

In what clearly is the single greatest item of Blazers merchandise since Gumby Bonzi Wells, the makers of Skullcandy has produced these sharp looking Brandon Roy headphones. Part of their NBA "Skullcandy Crew," Roy joins fellow ballers Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, James Harden, Andre Iguodala, and Deron Williams, with his own headphone line.

If you think these look sharp in the package, just imagine how they'd look on your head. Well, let's find out. We are giving away a pair of these Brandon Roy headphones at tonight's Blazers game against the New Orleans Hornets. Our top secret operative will be at the Rose Garden tonight, walking around with these headphones on. The first person to find him/her and (gently) tap them on the shoulder and mention this contest will be the glorious winner.

It'll be a sold out game, so here are a few more hints: Our secret operative is short and will be wearing a Blazers Starter jacket. And no, it's not Patty Mills.

If you don't want to harass every Blazers fan in the arena, these headphones will be available soon at local Fred Meyer locations.