Maybe you've heard that the GOP plans to cut $327 million in family planning funding that allows low-income women get free birth control and annual lady parts checkups. This is a terrible idea!

Here is why:
1. Free birth control saves the country lots and lots of money. Frankly, birth control pills cost society a lot less overall than babies that moms can't afford. Research shows that for every $1 we spend on birth control, taxpayers save $3.74.

2. The federal coverage is essential to making birth control accessible. Birth control costs anywhere from $10 to $50 a month if it's not covered by insurance, a big enough price tag that certainly many low-income women would gamble on not buying it.

3. No free birth control means more teen mothers and, yes, more abortions. As the president of Planned Parenthood said when she came to cut the ribbon at Portland's new clinic last year, anyone who wants to bring down the abortion rate should be in favor of dropping birth control out of airplanes en masse to all Americans (metaphorically, of course).

4. If there wasn't free birth control, I would definitely be pregnant by now. And no one wants that.