Bleeding Cool has the news that—spurred on by the fact that nerds raised $50,000 for a RoboCop statue in Detroit—comics writer Ron Marz has kicked off #robocharity:

Because I have a big mouth, I tweeted that $50K for the Robocop statue in Detroit was kinda dumb when people are hungry.

@garywhitta tweeted that whimsy has its value. In ensuing discussion Gary said he’d kick in $50 for a food charity if I would.

So that’s what’s happening. We’re each donating $50 to @forgottnharvest to help feed those in need in Detroit. #robocharity

We’re hoping some others will do the same. Need not be $50. Any amount is great. Hope some comic/geek sites pick this up. #robocharity

The charity in question? Forgotten Harvest, which helps "relieve hunger in the Detroit metropolitan community by rescuing surplus, prepared and perishable food and donating it to emergency food providers." Nice work, Marz. If it were up to me, you'd get a medal. From RoboCop!