There's a lot of buzz about teabaggy New Jersey Governor Chris Christie right now. Yesterday, he gave a speech revealing a national plan that immediately reignited talk of a presidential run.

Christie repeatedly drew on his experiences in New Jersey — tightening the state's budget, facing down public-sector unions — to draw a harsh contrast with the kick-the-can-down-the-road-ism that he believes has infected politics in Washington.

Dismissing the "old playbook" of putting off hard choices until after the next — and then the next — election, Christie noted that after the 2012 election Medicare will be less than five years away from insolvency. "My childrens' future is more important than some political strategy," said Christie. "We need to say these things and we need to say them out loud."

And it's true that Christie is capable of saying teabaggy things in such a way that moderates won't get turned off. Yesterday, National Review started pimping this video of Christie at a town hall meeting telling a woman that government is there to help her dyslexic son. Teabaggers always come away weak on personal stories; Ron Paul, for example, would have been obviously biting his tongue to keep from telling the woman that the market would cure her boy's affliction. But Christie hit all the right notes: Outrage, compassion, action. In this video he is, if not Clintonian, at least downright Huckabee-ish. This could be the guy who melds the tea party with mainstream Republicans: