So this exists. Good to know.
  • So this exists. Good to know.

Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you wait for the rest of Portland to throw a Phil Collins Day Parade. I can get behind Egypt or Bahrain, but that is one march where brutal force is absolutely justified.

The Decemberists head to the country—well, Happy Valley—and into a barn to roll tape on The King is Dead, a conceptual album about fallen boxer King Hippo. If only he knew how to operate the drawstring on his shorts, he could have been a champion.

The Decemberists - "This Is Why We Fight"

With the punishing Lower Forms, Portland's very own Rabbits are poised to leave their warrens for greener pastures. (I just had to get a "warren" reference in there somewhere.)

Rabbits - "We Beat"

Gang of Four is back. Well, sorta. It's more a Gang of Two, since Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham are sitting this round out. Boo-urns!

Gang of Four - "You Don't Have to Be Mad"

End Hits: Can we start a horrorcore band called Fang of Gore?