Today in Revolutions...
Bahrain sees a major crackdown as the military fires on mourners, 24 people die in Libya as massive protests continue there and in Yemen protesters clash with police. In Iran, a major opposition leader is suddenly missing. Not a good sign.

The US Lectures France on Muslim Rights: And, predictably, some French tell us to shove it.

Obama Joins Wisconsin Union Fight: Maybe you've heard about Wisconsin conservatives' war on unions and resulting major walk-out? Well, uh ohs, now Obama is getting in to the fray.

GOP Wants to Shut Down the Government. Just for a little while! To save money!

Facebook Power Lunch: Obama dines with Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. It's like 21st Century Yalta, guys!

Speaking of Facebook... You can now be gay on it! The website adds "civil union" and "domestic partner" to its relationship options.

Watching Bears Sleep: Scientists have finally found a way to watch hibernating bears. That's bear-ly news, but I think it's interesting.

Kick the Kicker: The legislature is finally broke enough to consider actual kicker reform.

"Flashmob" for Film Lobby! Supporters of Oregon's film tax credit are planning to descend on the capitol building in a "flashmob." (though, I'll say it again, it doesn't count as a flashmob if you send out a press release about it)

"Sonic Bike Path": TriMet is designing a bike path that plays a merry tune as you ride over it!