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Okay, to be fair, I'd be stoked to get news about any Shane Black project—but to see that Deadline's reporting he's in "final negotiations" to do Iron Man 3, taking over for Jon Favreau and reteaming with his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang star Robert Downey Jr. Um, yes.

Here's hoping Black writes the thing, too—he's a hell of a writer, and Iron Man 2's cluttered, rushed script was the main reason it was so underwhelming.

But enough talk of what might come to pass: Let us take a trip down memory lane, dear readers, and fondly remember all the action classics Black has given us in the past—and imagine how rad Iron Man 3 could be if he gets to really cut loose.

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BOOM! EXPLODING FOOTBALL, CORNELIUS! Now picture all of the above, combined—and in Iron Man's armor.

Thanks for the heads up, ComicsAlliance.

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