It feels like it's been forever since I started one of these without making reference to protests. Today is not the day that stops. After anonymous dissent-type chatter spread through China, calling for a "Jasmine Revolution," paranoid security officials spread themselves around the very populous nation's major cities. Phrases like "jasmine revolution" were blocked on Twitter.

And, briefly, to recap all the rest: The death toll in Libya is close to 200, but maybe more like 500; students in Yemen aren't happy with what concessions they've already wrung from their president; protesters in Bahrain, unbowed by a brutal government crackdown last week, surged back into their capital's main square; Iran has once again used tear gas and sticks to stop a protest before it could really even start.

In Wisconsin, the Tea Party has plunged into the Death to the People who Say "Death to the Unions" fray. Watch here as the Wisconsin Assembly's Democratic leader eviscerates the chamber's august speaker, after Republicans started voting on the state's anti-union bill early, five minutes for before they told the Democrats showed up.

David Wu's political future is cloudy at best.
Backroom discussions have taken on new urgency after the Oregonian on Friday broke news that his congressional and campaign staffs, worried about erratic behavior before the election, demanded unsuccessfully that he seek psychiatric treatment.

Plugging One's Ears and Shouting "This Isn't About Sex La-la-la" Part I: Bikram yoga—and its enthusiastic evangelist/guru—love the ladies.

Plugging One's Ears and Shouting "This Isn't About Sex La-la-la" Part II: At a temple in Phoenix, women who advertise (measurements included) in adult classifieds will touch visitors' genitals for handsome sums of money. They say its "healing." Others say it's a "brothel." (For the record, this is what legitimate sex therapy might look like.)

Plugging One's Ears and Shouting "This Isn't About Sex La-la-la" Part III: Because war is always about sex. Donald Rumsfeld offers that, yes, no matter what anyone says, if his pals had known there weren't any WMDs in Iraq, they wouldn't have ordered the 2003 invasion. Cute how he still expects people to believe the Bush Types were "misled" by bad intelligence.

This one's obviously about sex. A list of the high-price gifts offered to a teenage dancer by Italy's horny prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Um, gross. But, hey, thanks overpopulation!

Guess what? You're probably not invited!

When Wells Fargo started fucking with a goth music promoter out east, he started fucking with them back. Diligently working the legal code, he got his local sheriff to put out a "sheriff's sale" notice on one of the bank's local branches.