I saw a Kinks movie recently, and didn't like it. Good news, though: Prefix just alerted us to the YouTube presence of this 1972 BBC documentary on the band.

The 40-minute film includes live performance footage plus interviews with the band and others, "including the Kinks' first agent who claims to have discovered the group at a Chinese restaurant back in the early sixties when they were still known as The Ravens."

[Side note: Discussion of this video led to a conversation with Ezra Caraeff and Erik Henriksen about good and bad band names—both the Ravens and the Kinks are relatively good ones, I think—which then led to the discovery of this, the most unfortunate band name ever, which then led to the delightful discovery of this amazing website! It's been a productive day here at the Mercury. Anyway, that site is a bounty of riches. You are welcome.]

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