There's a trailer for Hesher out, but first—for Blogtown's ladies—I spent the past three minutes making an image with not one but two Joseph Gordon-Levitts in it. You're welcome!

  • Why yes, I am awesome at photoshop, and yes, this did turn out a lot creepier than I thought it would

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I'm just glad Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rocking his Third Rock from the Sun hairstyle again. It's been forever.

Anyway, Hesher got a lot of good buzz at Sundance, and the trailer makes me want to hang out with the dude so he can teach me about how to light diving boards on fire, and also—I guess—Life Lessons about mice and snakes and stuff. No word on a Portland release date yet, though. Also, Natalie Portman? You aren't fooling anyone with those glasses.

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