Big, Sad Earthquake in New Zealand: At least 65 people are dead after the "worst natural disaster in New Zealand's history." Google pitches in to help find survivors.

"I am Going to Die Here as a Martyr": Libyan dictator Omar Qaddafi says he will die before he would step down while the country erupts in protest around him.

Somali Pirates Kill Four Americans: Two couples sailing on a private yacht are taken hostage and killed by pirates as Navy attempts rescue. I bet the movie rights for this are already sold.

A Layer of Oil and Dead Animals is at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

More Guns on Campus! Texas (of course) may pass a law allowing college students to carry guns on campus to "protect themselves from school shooters." Uh....

Midwest Uprising: The protests over Wisconsin public unions are spreading to Ohio.

XLV Anniversary of Malcolm X: 45 years ago this week, the civil rights leader was assassinated. To celebrate the date, police have arrested Malcolm X's daughter for theft.

Rep. Wu Says He's Much Better Now: Oregon's congressman appears on Good Morning America to tell the country that he's not crazy anymore, thanks!

#transitfail: Failed switches led to forty minute delays this morning for all MAX trains crossing the Steel Bridge. As of 9:15 AM or so, the trains are moving again.