Monday was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the launch of the Legend of Zelda series.

What do you get for the Hyrulian boy who already has a horse, Hookshot, Master Sword, Zora's Flippers, Pegasus Boots, and a hat that doubles as a snarky duck? If you're Japanese artist ag+, you spend hundreds of hours crafting the most epic painting since Michelangelo took time off from fighting the Foot Clan to do that ceiling thing for the Pope.


  • ag+

Actually, the above is just a tiny snippet of the entire piece.

I've attached the whole gigantic thing past the jump to save the majority of our readers from hundreds of seconds of spinning progress wheels, but keep in mind that even the behemoth you'll find down there pales in size to the original; a seven megabytes and change, 1200x6566 monstrosity that would give Captain Ahab a confusingly appreciative boner.

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(Propers to Kotaku for the find and the helpful resize, and double propers for the painting's "making of" video.)

And now, the whole image. As usual, click to embiggen.

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