Below is a brief clip of some dude throwing a pansy-fit in the dry cleaners over HIS TWO PAIRS OF FUCKING CLAIBORNE while the dry cleaner rolls tape, presumably to either furnish the police with evidence of his killer, or to warn as many other dry cleaners as possible. Granted I'm extracting a lot from these few seconds of this guy's life, but he seems like a douche to me. He's got to be in a horrible band. Or maybe he's a singer songwriter? God I really hope he's a singer songwriter/surfer. (Anyone recognize him? Anyone?) This gets funnier every time I watch it. ALOHA.

UPDATE! The plot thickens:

UPDATE! Did you think this was over, motherfuckers? These verbages of violence are NOT over!

"The fundamentals of English?" Fuck this guy. I'm done. Thank god the police are here.