Here's the most un-fun game ever! How would you solve Oregon's $3.5 billion budget deficit?

Would you raise income taxes and annoy the rich? Or would you push a sales tax that punishes the poor? Would you foist prisoners and the mentally ill on broke-ass counties? Or would you fire teachers? Should disabled kids leave their families for institutions? Or should we exile infirm senior citizens instead?

Those shitty options—and several others!—make up the backbone of Our Oregon's new budget simulator. Whee! Click here and play along!

But be warned: It's a sumbitch. Seriously, after finding myself forced to summarily wound thousands of Oregonians (sorry all you poors and state workers!), I might snap the next time I hear some Republican from a cushy McMansion district glibly say something as callous as, "Well, it's time to live within our means."

Leave a comment and dish on how awfully you did.

Youll hate yourself and want to die.
  • You'll hate yourself and want to die.