An absolutely batshit insane Moammar Gadhafi vows to fight "until his last drop of blood" against the protesters defying his rule. (As things currently stand, that may come sooner rather than later.)

And get this! A Libyan military jet crashes rather than bomb their own people. WHAT THE SHIT!!

More dissent! Gadhafi's interior minister quits, rather than take up arms against the protesters.

Dissent in the USA! A prankster punks Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker by pretending to be a billionaire donor, and then chastising him for his anti-union budget.

The tragic search continues for New Zealand quake survivors.

Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel walked all over his opponents to become Chicago's new mayor.

Somali pirates murder four Americans aboard their yacht, signaling that they're serious about their new rule to kill all hostages.

In news of the non-shocking: Lindsay Lohan is back in court again today.

Locally, Oregon Rep. David Wu admits he took two Oxycontin pills from a campaign donor and has been behaving erratically. Ummm... am I nuts for saying "so the fuck what?"

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: SNOWPOCALYPSE TONIGHT?? One to four inches of snow expected tonight, with freezy-breezy temperatures for the next couple days!

And finally, for your artistic edification, here's a selection from "Predator: The Musical" featuring the song, "If it Bleeds, We Can Kill it." (Oh Broadway, why can't you be more like this?)