Because I am not going all the way to Universal Studios Singapore just to find out at the end of the ride that the whole thing was being run by a secret angel. Says Bloomberg:

Tickets to the park were sold out on online [No, I don't know what "sold out on online" means either. —Ed] yesterday as Universal Studios staged an official reopening of the attraction based on the Battlestar Galactica television series after shutting it down for almost a year to fix a “ride component failure.”

I can only picture a carnie version of Saul Tigh, drunkenly leaning next to the levers that operate the thing. "I don' know nothin' about no—*hic*—commonnen' failure," he'd slur at the children warily climbing aboard. "You don' worry 'bout a thing, I swear—*hic*—I swear on my human soul that this thing's safer'n the Pegasus."

Via io9.