Say hello to Snooki for us.

We're nearing the homestretch of NBA trade season and while the Devin Harris to Portland deal seems like it's dead in the water, this just happened. Wow. That is shocking. The Nets just got Deron Williams for less than what they were offering for Carmelo Anthony.

This blockbuster move, and the Melo deal, thins the herd in the Northwest Division for the Blazers' march towards the postseason. Formerly the strongest division in the NBA, the Northwest is now down to the Blazers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It seems unlikely that Portland GM Rich Cho can top a deal like this Williams trade—he'll probably do nothing at all—but if a trade does go down, we'll post it here...

10:51 AM UPDATE:
Greg Oden is being shopped. No, seriously. Stop laughing.

11:23 AM UPDATE:
It's like a dream come true. At least it is for me. The Blazers are reportedly "pushing hard" for Gerald Wallace. I say keep pushing. Also, if this deal happens, that Rasheed Wallace jersey you keep meaning to donate to Goodwill will be usable again.

12:17 PM UPDATE:
It's "done" according to Dwight Jaynes. Hopefully the deal did not include Nicolas Batum.

12:27 PM UPDATE:
Jaynes is reporting that Batum is not part of the deal. While he was reporting that, I was gently stroking my #88 jersey and sobbing. Phew.

And when Jaynes says "done," he really means "NOT done yet."