The Portland City Council wasn't expected to actually make a decision during what was a long-planned council vote on whether the city should re-embed police officers in the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force nearly six years after pulling our cops away.

Instead, there was talk among insiders that the council would move, instead, to continue talking with the FBI and the Justice Department, in hopes of extracting concessions that would answer city commissioners' concerns about civil liberties and oversight.

Now? Partly because of the promise of snow, but also because Mayor Sam Adams is taking his time drafting a proposal that specifically lays out the council's next steps in the debate, tomorrow's meeting has been moved to March 10.

Update 3:33 pm:
It's sunny outside the Mercury offices, and it was sunny downtown, where I just came from. Then there's this, from a follow-up email sent from the mayor's office, which corrects something from the release included after the jump: "Please note: the draft document will be released for public review and comment next week. We apologize for the confusion." Inclement weather, indeed.

And back to the post: Same time—2 pm. And same broadcast plan for those with cable—Channel 30. Later today, read more in this week's Hall Monitor (ignore the part, written yesterday, about Thursday's hearing still being "on") for an explanation of why taking more time to get this right is probably a good thing.

The mayor's office's full release is below.

Portland, Ore. — A City Council hearing on the city’s participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force has been rescheduled to March 10 at 2 p.m. The hearing was originally scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 24.

The rescheduling allows for city staff to finalize input from various stakeholders and issue a draft proposal for public input. The draft document is expected to be released this week.

“We’ve had a very thorough, vibrant and informed debate on this issue over the past 45 days,” said Portland Mayor Sam Adams. “It’s important that we maintain that approach, and give Portlanders the necessary time to review and react to our proposal.”

The rescheduling also mitigates concerns that the mayor and city officials have about the impact a potential snow storm could have on people’s ability to attend a Council hearing in downtown Portland.

Once ready, the draft document will be available for download at

As with the originally scheduled Feb. 24 hearing date, the March 10 hearing will be broadcast on Portland Community Media (channel 30 on Comcast) and live-streamed online at

Individuals who wish to participate via social media can do so via Twitter by using the #JTTF or #JTTFReview hashtags.

Those unable to attend the hearing can email their testimony beforehand to the Council Clerk (, fax to 503-823-4571, or mail or hand-deliver testimony (Council Clerk, City of Portland, 1221 SW 4th Ave Rm 140, Portland, OR 97204).