Mike Huckabee thinks he can beat Obama in a presidential election, even if he thinks winning the primary would be tough:

“Here's the reality: I think he can be beat,” said Huckabee, who has just written a book titled “A Simple Government.” “I frankly think that I would be in a very good position to do it, because I believe that standing head-to-head with him, articulating the very clear decisive difference between our positions, would be a great contrast."

Tim Pawlenty loves unions, he just...uh...hates collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining in the public sector creates the “most protected coddled employees in the country,” since unhappy unions can essentially kick out management through the election process.

And failed Senator Santorum spreads some nasty thoughts about unions, calling them drug addicts:

“What these folks are in Washington is no better than a drug dealer,” he said. And the Wisconsin unions? “They are acting like their drug is being taken away from them.”

Republicans really have completely lost the momentum of the 2010 midterm elections. Instead of standing for the common man, it's taken them less than two months to officially become enemies of unions and vaginas.