So, as I was working my way through a really ridiculously delicious bread pudding, sausage, and fennel breakfast sandwich at Meat Cheese Bread this morning, I started mentally compiling a list of establishments where I actually enjoy spending my money. Not just places I like, but places where I actually feel happy about handing over my debit card and allowing my bank balance to inch me that much closer to total destitution. Meat Cheese Bread is on the list—John, the owner, is always fun to talk to; their menu is creative and well executed (if I ever marry a lunch food, it might be their mushroom sandwich. We're really compatible.); I like their tiny little coffee cups and weird soda selection. Also on my list:

Spunky Monkey (35 NE 20th), my favorite coffee shop, despite the name. The owners and staff are really friendly and they make their own chocolate and caramel and kombucha and their vegetarian breakfast bagel is the anti-hangover.

Meat, where I have a punch card for cat food (someday I'll get a free one, he just has to finish 8 more bags... oh, maybe this is why my cat is fat), and where I buy my cat a new novelty collar at least every 2 months. It is a store for people who love their pets and I love my pet and I like spending money there.

Biwa is everything I want out of a restaurant. (Except I wish they still gave out those little taffy candies at the end of the meal.) I ran into a friend on the bus last night who was headed to Mirakutei, that new place on lower East Burnside—he told me that he'd heard their ramen was better than Biwa's, and it actually kind of hurt my feelings.

That's kinda it, though. It's a really short list. I would like to expand it. So... anybody else feel like sharing?