Because dubbing the damn console "Wii" wasn't enough of an invite for penis jokes, Ubisoft has decided to turn the system into an excuse for wife swapping with the upcoming We Dare.

Here, have a trailer:

The weird bit is that this isn't at all a joke. This is a real thing. That exists. In reality.

Then again, I suppose this was inevitable. Once the Suicide Girls started covering their cooters with Dreamcast controllers in an effort to reach the male wang directly through our collective sense of nostalgia, it was only a matter of time before some publisher thought to himself, "I bet there's good money in making people fuck."

Well played Ubisoft. Well played.

(Update: What could be better than sexy Wiimote sexy sex sex sexiness? How about said sexiness remixed in the style of Dead Island? Nothing says "time for an orgy" like horribly mutilated preteen girls!)