Opening Fire in Libya: Dictator Qaddafi orders the military to open fire on protesters to disperse the crowd of thousands who want him to step down. The protesters refuse to back down.

Solidarity Fist: Hundreds of thousands of people protest for better governments in Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain.

How Dictators Stash Their Cash: Qaddafi and others hide their millions in Swiss bank accounts.

They're Taking Our Jobs! States fill budget gaps with... prison labor!

Wisconsin vs. The Unions: Republicans in Wisconsin break the filibuster, seem set to destroy the state employees' unions.

Where is Obama Meeting Lobbyists? Outside of the White House, to keep the meetings off of Secret Service logs that are released to the public.

Death to Tax Fraudsters! China reduces the sentences for some death-penalty crimes, including tax fraud.

Shooting Obama Jokes! A Georgia crowd laughs off an audience "joke" at a townhall about when someone will shoot Obama.

Rolls Royce's Electric Car: The fancy pants car maker tests out a "Phantom Experimental Electric" model.

Compostable Bag is Back! SunChips is back with a quieter compostable bag.

Goodbye Oregon City Papermill: The largest employer in Oregon City shuts its doors, all 175 workers get no severance pay.

Weather Report: Is it snowing in PDX?