As Sarah mentioned in GMN, Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly managed to upend a days-long filibuster by Democrats and approve Governor Scott Walker's union-busting legislation.

And then what happened? Exhausted Democrats made like a drunk Jerry Springer crowd. And good for them. Watch democracy get messy:

Meanwhile, in California's fight over a $26.6 billion budget deficit, at least people are still laughing. Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, spoke at a joint legislative budget hearing to upbraid Republicans for blocking a ballot measure on tax extensions. Brown, a would-be Jesuit priest, among other things, offered to help them out of their "no tax hike" vows.

"I took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and I was able to get a dispensation to get out of it," he said to laughter. "We can set up a process to dispense people from their pledges. We're working on that now. If people want dispensation, they should come down to my office."