Jim Norton is a dirty dog. Really, he’s one of the most filthy comedians ever. As such this entire post is NSFW and not safe for the politically correct. It belongs after the jump.

I remember seeing Norton way back in 2001 at New York’s legendary Comedy Cellar. It was a night I’ll never forget, as Chris Rock showed up unannounced to try out new material. As such, the show went long, and by the time Norton finally got to the stage the audience was a bit fatigued. And my God, they weren’t ready for Norton’s shocking material.

The room grew adversarial, and Norton pushed at it. A joke about raping someone with a jar of Unicef pennies that caused a significant portion of the audience to get up and walk out.

In they years since, Norton has honed his act. He’s appeared on David Letterman and has been featured regularly on both of Louis CK’s shows, HBO’s long lost and under-rated “Lucky Louie” and the groundbreaking “Louie,” currently on FX.

Norton is a man consumed by his kinks. On stage he freely shares some of the most twisted sexual proclivities.

Norton performing at the Adult Video News awards (and honestly, for him, this is relatively PG):

Indeed, Norton is a comedian who earnestly believes that jokes are jokes, and one can say just about anything on stage. He plays as freely with race as he does sex. But to be sure, Norton’s material isn’t born of malice—it’s just that he’s one twisted dude.

Jim Norton performs all weekend at Helium Comedy Club, two shows Friday and two shows Saturday.