"If that was ever a problem, we have over-fixed it." Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and other Republicans take to the Sunday news shows to defend their attempts at union busting—and blithely attempt to minimize the average worker's historical misery.

What's really going on here is fairly transparent, but Frank Rich at the NYT sums it up so nicely: "The real goal is to reward the GOP’s wealthiest patrons by crippling what remains of organized labor, by wrecking the government agencies charged with regulating and policing corporations, and, as always, by rewarding the wealthiest with more tax breaks."

And if there's an object lesson in why men with means might want to buy a government more to their liking, it's the boom, pun intended, of a natural gas drilling technique known as "hydrofracking." Fattened with lucrative campaign contributions, politicians pretend that millions of Americans aren't chugging carcinogens. (This long story in the Sunday New York Times, despite its Oscar-friendly timing, fails to mention a Best Documentary nominee, Gasland, that's forced bigger media to confront the issue.)

Violence and unrest (not these guys) continues in the usual places in Africa and the Middle East. Oman has joined the ranks of nations in revolt. In Libya, rebels are closer and closer to the gates of Tripoli. Jordan's offer of reforms are spurned. And another protest in Tunisia has ousted another leader.

Call it Charlie Sheen Week. He'll be given yet another platform to display his unwellness this week, on Good Morning, America and 20/20. Tastes of the continuing meltdown are set for tonight's Academy Awards ceremony.

Oh, yeah. That's right. The Oscars. Yawn.

Some women really are suckers for a man in uniform.
From the "Why Didn't I Think of That" files, it seems some enterprising thieves woo women on Facebook—and get them to open up their bank accounts—by pretending to be hunky-yet-sensitive Yankee doughboys.

It's a fixer-upper, but scientists might finally have picked the spot where, one day, men and women stationed on the moon will go cinematically insane.

The historical Jesus. Pinko peasant crusading against oppression? Or fatalistic necromancer who liked to feed and water his friends? What one scholar says: "I cannot imagine a more miraculous life than nonviolent resistance to violence. I cannot imagine a bigger miracle than a man standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square."

Why attend Reed College when you can attend the University of Redwood? Content on the latter school's website bears a striking familiarity to the former's. And Reed officials obviously smell a scam.