"Welcome to Portland Oregon, where people come to enjoy the great outdoors and the sound of nature. SCREW THAT, LET'S ROCK!"

Gulp. To be honest, that introduction from photographer Ray Gordon had me a little concerned about the quality of this Fuse segment on Portland music that premiered last week on their Hoppus on Music program (which is no Pants-Off Dance-Off, but it does air every Friday at 8pm).

Turns out that Gordon knows his local music, and he conducts brief-yet-candid interviews with Justin Harris from Menomena, Trevor Solomon from MusicFest NW, the Thermals (who lovingly describe our city as being "for lazy people"), and the Decemberists' Colin Meloy. While the segment didn't cover any new ground for us Oregonians who are well aware that it rains here and we all have basements, it does do a superior job than similar clips that have aired in previous years, or any episode Portlandia. Anything is better than Portlandia.

End Hits: Put a Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd on it. ("It" being the South Pole.)