BIKES + BEER + HISTORY—You know what makes history class a lot more interesting? Beer and tater tots during the lecture. Check out tonight's History Pub about Oregon's 100-person Burley cooperative, which made $10 million a year selling bike trailers before, like any mighty empire, it fell apart. SM
Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd, 7 pm, FREE, all ages

—Fact: Adding the word "roller" to anything improves it tenfold. Disco becomes the roller disco of Xanadu. Derby goes from an old-timey hat to the magical experience of roller derby. So let's try it with Portland's favorite rockin' threesome, the Thermals. BLAM! Roller Thermals, the best roller-skating concert of the year. You'll need a wristband to get into the show, so follow Google's HotpotPDX Twitter account (@HotpotPDX) to find out when and where they're giving them away. CF
w/Lifesavas; Oaks Park Skating Rink, 7805 SE Oaks Park, 7 pm, FREE (w/wristband), all ages,