Do We Hear "Military Intervention"? If dictator Qaddafi uses chemical weapons against his own people, the UK says it might intervene with force.

Aren't We Glad Libya Can't Make Nukes? Thanks past self who pressured Qaddafi to ditch his ability to make the Bomb.

Um... Research shows that half of American men may have HPV.

We Support Wisconsin! An NYTimes poll shows that 60 percent of Americans support the ability of unions to collectively bargain.

The Next BP: Feds approve the first deep water drilling permit since the summer's spill. What could possibly go wrong?!

A Ticket to Space: Maybe only $200,000! No poors in space!

Actual Alchemy: Science has figured out how to make oil from water.

Genie in a Jail Cell: Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication.

Death of Books. Bristol Palin has a book deal. Her book will be called, "Not Afraid of Life."

Keep it Private: Facebook revamps its privacy settings.

I Have Two Words for You: TASER GRENADE.

Liveblog Tonight! Blazers vs. the Houston Rockets. Check back here at gametime for Ezra's play-by-play.