After tagging a bank with an anarchy symbol during a small anti-police protest in the chill of January, Portland's anarchists tell us they're back at it. They're telling us because no one, it seems, has noticed—or at least is willing to say publicly that they've noticed.

Here's a statement that plopped into the ol' inbox a few minutes ago:

On Sunday night the 27th of February we smashed with rocks the windows of the Portland Police contact office at 4720 SE Hawthorne Blvd. We did this in solidarity with our comrades in Seattle and with the recent uprisings against the police on the west coast. It is our hope that our struggles, and further, the struggle of all anti-authoritarians, will be mutually inspiring. The police have always used violence to uphold the institution of capitalism, and for that they should expect nothing less than to be attacked.

Against Police and the Prison World They Maintain

-Portland Anarchists

I called the police bureau to ask whether, in fact, any windows had been broken at the office on Hawthorne—more community gathering spot than police substation.

Sergeant Pete Simpson, a police spokesman, basically said "what broken windows?" and promised to check with folks over at the East Precinct for details. If true, "they're really damaging the neighhborhood more than us." But he also joked about a "Jedi mind trick"—as in maybe the cops are only making it seem like no one noticed the latest outburst?

So, anarchists: If you've got pictures, send 'em.

Update 1:40 PM: Okay, so Simpson replies with confirmation from the police logs:

Case #11-16019, occurred 3:23 a.m. on 02/28/11. 4720 SE Hawthorne / Portland Police Neighborhood Contact Office, 3 windows broken, 6'x6' each, damage estimate at $2,400. Police investigating.

Update 4:40 PM: I ought to clarify what Simpson meant with his nice "Jedi" line: It's not that police were keeping mum, it's just that busted windows don't usually rate a big to-do. If anything, he says, the "mind trick" would be ignoring the anarchists. Which we've chosen not to do, serving them up to all you caustic Blogtownies instead.