Recognize the geezers in that picture?

Yep. It's the Monkees. Well, three out of four Monkees. No Mike Nesmith, who's the best one. NEVER MIND. The three Monkees pictured above (Peter Tork, Davy Jones, and Micky Dolenz) have reunited for a 45th (!) anniversary tour, and they're coming to Portland:

Sat. July 9 Portland, OR Sleep Country Amphitheater
Wait a minute. The Sleep Country Amphitheater isn't in Portland, is it? It's not even in Oregon. Never mind. To celebrate the first episode of The Monkees TV show going on the air in 1966, they're trotting out the old hits. That's not all, though—take it away, press release:
...for the first time ever onstage, songs from their classic albums and rarely heard selections from their cult classic movie, Head. In addition, songs and videos will be broadcast throughout the venue to provide a soundtrack before and after the main show, featuring Monkees rarities as well as covers by the legions of past and present artists they've influenced over their long career.
I've never heard of a press release touting the before- and after-show music before. Oh well. Here's one of the best songs from Head. (They've never played this live?)

End Hits: A little bit me, a little bit you.