For the last two hours I've been trying to describe Thousand Pounds' shockingly rad live action Super Street Fighter IV-style Ultra Combos. It's 3:15AM, my brain is melting, I'm out of smokes and I'm totally sober. In short, this is just not happening.

So, you get the succinct version. Deal.

Video 1 - There's some dudes, they do stuff, it's all pretty rad, seriously, just watch:

After the jump you'll find two more videos. The first is all "pretty girls who kick dudes in the head, then pretty blonde girl is totally Chun-Li and I think I want to have her babies," and the second is all "dudes punching dudes a lot, then some guy is all 'Metsu Shoryuken', almost kills some dude who looks like Screwattack's Stuttering Craig, Craig gets pissed and then dude number one breaks all of his load-bearing joints."

Jump the thing there.

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