I said text your librarian, not sext.
  • I said text your librarian, not sext.
God, I love the Multnomah County Library. First you can download music from 'em. Now you can quiz the holy hell outta of 'em via text! Ask-a-librarian was an under-the-radar feature the library's help desk always had via their reference line (503-988-5234), but it was kinda awkward having to sit on the line waiting for the librarians to look up info for you. Now you can TEXT your pressing questions to them and they'll shoot you an answer within 10 minutes. I love this shit.

Okay, first texted question: "If someone's fingernails grow long enough, do nerves grow into their nails so it would hurt to cut them?" This is one of my pressing questions in life. I also sent this question to the formerly magical ChaCha, just to see how they compare.

While I wait for my answer, here's the deets on how to start harassing your favorite PDX librarian, via their press blitz:

"Text the word 'multcolib' and your question to 66746. We usually answer within 10 minutes. There is no charge to text a librarian, other than your normal text message rate. Give it a try. We ♥ questions! Send your question to the library via text message. We collaborate with other libraries to welcome your questions on any topic, 24 hours a day."

More info here. Librarian answer after the jump.

From library about 30 minutes later (woo, I must've stumped them!):
"Hello! No apparently, the nerve bed ends before the fingernail. http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com/index.html Fingernails are made of keratin—dead cells." Huh, looks like Rosy the commenter was right from my Blogtown post.

The response from the dead husk that is ChaCha: They told me to go online.