Looks like SOMEONE got into the Romulan Ale! Eh? Eh?
  • Looks like SOMEONE got into the Romulan Ale! Eh? Eh?
If you missed my HISTORIC interview with actor par excellence Paul Giamatti in this week's paper, allow me to encapsulate it in a single, illuminating quote:
"It's always been frustrating to me," Giamatti says. "Because really, I just want to be, like, a Klingon or something. I really would love to play a Klingon. It's like, goddammit, will I ever get to play a Klingon?"
Giamatti was laughing as he said this, but I could tell the man was deadly serious. He really wants to play a Klingon. I assured him that this was a do-able goal, and he took some comfort in that.

BUT! The internet is nothing if not ridden with Star Trek fanatics, and soon enough, the story was picked up by fansite TrekMovie, which prompted a number of reactions from Trekkies in the comments. They run the gamut:

8. The Original Spock's Brain - March 1, 2011
Giamatti is one of our a finest actors, so yes he can rock a Klingon!
5. Simon - February 28, 2011
As much as I like Paul Giamatti I still would rather see Rosario Dawson as a Klingon.
111. David P - March 2, 2011
i love Giamatti as a Klingon! hopefully in a scene with the SHAT
33. andrew - March 1, 2011
I love Paul GIamatti, he’s a great actor.

He’s too small to be a Klingon without some trickery, though, so he’ll need some favorable camera angles and maybe Linda Gray’s shoulder pads from late 80’s Dallas episodes.

And this:
37. Christopher_Roberts - March 1, 2011
I’m not sure having a film involving Klingons is a good idea. They’re the most over developed race in Star Trek and Nero may have altered this timeline for Starfleet, the Romulans and the Vulcans… but I think very little affected the Klingons. Shouldn’t they all still be recovering from that Enterprise two-parter — “Affliction” and “Divergence”? A large percentage of Klingons carrying a genetically engineered disease, that made them more human in appearance? I think it was said they wouldn’t have increased strength but a side effect could be they all have increased ambition and intelligence, making them more Augment like, more Khan like or whatever. Conquering the galaxy mixed into their DNA thanks to having disasterous contact with humans....
Snoooorrrrrr-wha? Sorry, fell asleep for a second there. And I'll spare you all the comments that grumble about "Harry Mudd."

BUT! This commenter also chimed in:

21. boborci - February 28, 2011
love him so much. please, JJ, can we get him!?!
Turns out boborci is none other than über-screenwriter/producer Roberto Orci, who's working on the next—as yet untitled—Star Trek movie with director J.J. Abrams.

So, you know, maybe this thing has a shot!... Ah hell, a shot? Sounds like it's HAPPENING DEFINITELY NO QUESTIONS WHATSOEVER, if you ask me. So when you see Paul Giamatti starring in next summer's Star Trek movie, just remember who to thank!


On a slightly related note, has anyone yet seen Giamatti in Barney's Version? Bruce Greenwood (Pike from 2009's Star Trek) is in it, too!

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