OK, I feel like I write about Comedy is OK every month. Like I'm their fucking sponsor or something. But dammit, I'm not. New Deal Vodka are, however, and the dudes made a commercial for 'em a while back that's pretty damn good:

Note to self: get own vodka sponsor.

Now, on to the show. Things have been changing ever so slightly. Instead of offering "the same old local comics" every week, hosts Paul Schlesinger, Mikey Kampmann and former-intern Andrew Michaan are leaning more towards pre-written sketches, video shorts, and inviting a comic or two to take more of a headlining spot. At last month's edition, Ian Karmel killed. Straight KILLED. Dude's gonna be famous soon—and not just Portland famous.

Karmel's also involved again this month, doing something with a house band. Not sure exactly how it'll play out, suffice to say Paul Schaffer will be proud (and just wondering, does Schaffer really wear sunglasses all the time to hide his stoned eyes?).

Tonight's March edition features the lovely San Francisco weirdo Abbey Jordan and the terrific Anthony Lopez, who broke through in last year's Portland Amateur Comedy Contest.

TONIGHT: Comedy Is OK @ The Clinton St. Theater - 9:00PM - $5