Award for best storefront in North Portland goes to Boom Boom Balloons (2739 N Lombard St):


Awesomely alliterated title aside, what is more alluring than a decahedral—geometry is totally in right now—pumpkin piñata? Perhaps a hybrid ostrich-flamingo piñata, mid-flight? Or two SpongeBob and Patrick piñatas, frozen in a moment of intimacy? (Patrick looks reluctant; Sponge Bob is all about it—his eyelashes have migrated to his forehead he’s so excited.)

As you can see, Boom Boom Balloons has all of this. AND, for $45 and up, Boom Boom will customize a piñata just for you...yup, that’s right, your very own custom piñata. Allow for about two weeks.

Here's my piñata proposal. (Though they may have trouble with the spindly fingers, I have faith in Boom Boom):

A rare excuse to post a completely adorable tarsier. Can they get any cuter? Of course I wouldnt swing at him, just keep him around for posterity.

What's yours?