Reader Phuong sent me a link to Mostly Grocery, a rant/diary blog from a checker at an unnamed major local supermarket.

It's a funny little blog—I've always wondered what the checkers at Safeway and Fred Meyer think about having to make banal small talk with hundreds of people a day. Number 33 on the blog's list of Ways to Annoy Your Grocery Clerk: Consuming before checkout.

A girl comes into my line eating a bag of almonds from the bulk foods section.
Me: Ma’am I have to scan that before you eat it.
Crazy Almond Alice: I’m still paying for it.
Me: Yes but I have to weigh it and if you’re eating out of it I don’t know how much to charge.
Crazy Almond Alice: We’ll its only a few nuts.

It was at least 2 handfuls and the bulk price for almonds are $6.99 lb.

Me: I’m sure it was more than a few nuts but next time please let me weigh it before you eat.
Crazy Almond Alice: You want to weigh it?

She threw up the almonds and whatever miscellaneous foods she ate onto her hand.

Crazy Almond Alice: Weigh this!