Today's Nostalgia Blast: Campbell Whyte's 8-bit Dreams


Aww, I like that Duck Hunt one! Has he done one for Rygar? Crystalis? Solomon's Key? Life Force? Can I buy prints? I'll find out tomorrow, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Actually yeah cat, you can buy prints. I believe one of the HTML links I put up there was directly to the post he made about his stuff being on Etsy.

Oh, no, I guess it got removed in one of my revisions. I'll edit and re-add the Etsy link.
Er, excuse me -- 4AM is catching up with me -- I meant I would re-include the link to the blog post in which Whyte explains how you can buy his work. Not prints of his work, but the actual pieces themselves.

See the addendum I just added.
Wha....? The underwater bomb level in TMNT was totally kickass. It's the rest of the game that has needed to go fuck itself for the last 20 or so years. Those final levels are nigh-on impossible.
TMNT was awesome. I think I remember playing it in 2 player mode. And I think that game supported 4 player mode, if connected to the hardware peripheral that allowed that (Am pretty sure it worked with the original NES).
Just yesterday I remembered another high addictiveness game that I wanna go after, which consisted of high speed, radical jumps, 0 gravity turns, of remote control racing cars and trucks. Damn it was fast.
The drawing of Excitibe it`s pretty cool, for a pretty cool game which I couldn`t stop playing.
@Leaky: I believe you're thinking of RC Pro Am, which was super fun.
Or possibly the licensed Micro Machines racing game. I believe that was one of the few titles that supported the 4 player adapter and actually turned out pretty nicely for a licensed work, as far as I can remember.
Oh man, the front teeth on the duck hunt dog are too cute.
Nex, that was one of those funky Codemasters games which was unlicensed by Nintendo and didn't see wide distribution. It was actually a popular British title ported over here and just renamed, IIRC. I can't remember the original, probably something like "Sensible Driving".
Right. That'd be the one. Though calling it "unlicensed" is sort of a disservice as it has the most bullshit reason for being unlicensed [essentially Codies built a single cart that could work on US and Euro machines (not to mention the Aladdin enhancer) and that was against Nintendo's draconian rules].

Since it had the Micro Machines license here in the States it still sold relatively well and is sure a hell of a lot easier to find -- and much better quality-wise -- compared to TRULY unlicensed shit like the Bible-based games from Wisdom Tree or those crap Chinese 50-in-1 compilations.
Dang Cat & Beard, you're naming my faves. I love Solomon's Key and Lifeforce. Solomon's Key has one of the best soundtracks, too.

Anyway, this project is cool.

But why is 'Ice Climber' plural? A couple months ago I made a sweet ice climber animated gif:…
Hey, Thanks Cat & Beard! That`s the one. I picked up the name, recognized it, right after I read it. You saved me a lot of searching in the net.

What I don`t like about the 50 in one Cd compilations (licensed or not), is having to play those games with other type of controllers: (Ex. PsP ones). You just can`t! It`s not the same!
Cat and Beard -
I'm working on the games based on chronological release, so I haven't gotten to them yet. You're welcome to place an order for one of those games though, if you want to fast track it.
Prints will be available next week, I'll let you guys know when they drop.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!