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Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while you discover the REAL reason Phil Collins quit music. Let's all make sure his kids are safe at all times. One accident, and we get a Collins comeback and his own version of "Tears of Heaven." No one wants that.

Rainbow Arabia have a cooler record collection than you or I have. The Los Angeles duo is influenced by a world of music, both domestic and beyond. Meanwhile my record collection is made up entirely of Tesla LPs.

Rainbow Arabia - "Without You"

Yeah sure, they aren't the same without Jason Isbell and Go-Go Boots is no Decoration Day, but the Drive-By Truckers are still the best rock and roll band we have left.

Drive-By Truckers - "Everybody Needs Love"

Morning Teleportation are just your average Portland-via-Texas-via-Kentucky band that tours nonstop and just released an album with Isaac Brock.

Morning Teleportation - "Eyes The Same"

Dude, if you smoke a bowl and sync-up the new Eternal Tapestry LP and Fairuza Balk's Return to Oz... you will be really confused. You should just stick to the record.

Eternal Tapestry - "Cosmic Manhunt"

Speaking of grass, Black Grass is the title of the latest recording from Little Wings. It's perfect for rainy mornings like, well, right now.

Little WIngs - "Gold Teeth"

End Hits: We would have covered this week's Korn show, but we couldn't get our keyboards to make that backwards "R" in their name.