A lot of people are missing from editorial today, doing god knows what. They SAY they're at "interviews," "working from home," "visiting sick relatives," "watching movies to review," etc. But who knows for sure, right? Anyway, since so many are gone I thought it would be a good opportunity to snoop through their desk drawers.
But here's the thing: Whenever I start to snoop through their drawers, I think to myself, "Hmm... I wonder if this is ethically icky? I mean... as part owner of the company, I OWN part of these desks, right? So if you think about it, I OWN the part that's the desk drawer."
But then I thought, if our readers DEMAND to see what's in someone's desk drawer, I kind of have an obligation to give them what they want, correct? And so... A POLL!


Voting ends at 3:30 pm today, at which point I'll snoop inside the desk of the person who has the most votes, take a picture of my findings and post it on this blog. START VOTING, SNOOPS!
(Oh, and defend your choice in the comments, please.)