TSUNAMI!! We are not kidding around. Tsunami waters are now making waves on the Oregon coast after killing nearly 300 in Japan and Pacific islands.

Good Job, Japan! Strict building codes and efficient evacuation saved lives in Japan, which also including declared emergency at a nuclear plant.

Quitting Qaddafi: While he continues to bomb his own people, the EU may decide to demand Muammar Qaddafi step down.

Republican Repeal: Two Republican-controlled committees voted to overturn net neutrality rules and ban the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

"Ridiculous and Stupid": A Clinton aide says the Pentagon is stupidly persecuting WikiLeaker Bradley Manning.

Union Buster: Despite the protest of thousands, Wisconsin's Governor Walker signs the dreaded anti-union bill.

Legal Headache: The FDA takes over three Tylenol plants that were apparently refusing to comply with federal health laws.

"The King of Tablets": People are fondling the new iPad lovingly.

AOL Cuts 900 Jobs: After buying Huffington Post, AOL boots 900 employees.

A Remade Man: A Boston mobster turns out west rancher.

Not to Judge, But... Would you believe this guy led a pedophile sex cult?

And Today in Crazy: A man who has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts.