I've waxed rhapsodic about the Roseway Theater before, but jesus christ—if you haven't already, go check out Breakfast at Tiffany's there before it ends its run on Thursday.

The Roseway's billing their screening of Tiffany's as a "digital restoration," which, in this case at least, is code for "it looks stunningly great." If you're a fan of the film but have only seen it on VHS, DVD, or battered old prints (as I had prior to this weekend), seeing it at the Roseway is like watching an entirely new film. And regardless of how you feel about Tiffany's, if you're sentimental about the slow-but-inevitable death of old-school film projection, seeing a film that's 50 years old look this pristine and gorgeous should calm at least a few of your nostalgia-fueled fears, grandpa.

(And yes, while the digital restoration and projection makes Audrey Hepburn all the more gorgeous and Franz Planer's cinematography all the more striking—those opening credits are fantastic—it also makes Mickey Rooney's jaw-clenchingly racist "Mr. Yunioshi" shtick crystal-clear, too. Thanks for making things awkward, old-timey Hollywood!)