Japan on the Edge of "Catastrophe": This isn't looking good, guys. There was another explosion and fire at Japan's nuclear plant, though radiation levels have since dropped.

What is a Meltdown, Anyway? Here's a rundown of what's actually going on at the Fukushima plant.

So Much for those Nuclear Energy Plans... The disaster in Japan leaves some American politicians rethinking this whole nuclear power plant thing.

Don't Forget About the Revolution: Libyan dictator Qaddafi plans a major assault on his people, including airstrikes.

Good Luck, Libyan Rebels: Germany blocks France and England's plans for a No-Fly zone.

The Do-Not-Track Browser: The new version of Internet Explorer includes a do-not-track button for people who don't want advertisers watching their online movements. Except it's made by Microsoft—do you trust them not to actually, secretly track you?

NRA Jilts Obama: The gun rights group declines an invitation to meet with the president. Maybe they were busy. Squab ain't gonna shoot itself, ya know!

Tough Titty: I haven't heard about Hugo Chavez in a while, I wonder what the Venezuelan president is up to. Oh. Denouncing breast implants.

This Guy is Sweet: Meet Long Beach's 103-year-old tricycle rider.

What's Going on With PSU's Japanese Students: The 200 or so Japanese students at Portland State are frantically trying to get in touch with their families.

12 Counts of Aggravated Murder: That's the charge for suspected SE Portland cop-shooter Ralph Clyde Turner.

LIVEBLOG! Ezra's at SXSW (curse him. CURSE HIM.) so Tony Perez is making his Blazers live blogging debut tonight right here. The team plays Dallas.