Just when you thought Portland radio couldn't get any crappier, everyone's favorite inflammatory local AM talk radio host is coming to prime-time, baby, all the way to FM!

Regular listeners of KUFO radio (uh... Korn fans?) got a shock this morning as 101.1 FM suddenly changed over to the conservative talk radio station formerly known as 750 KXL. The rock station that used to be home to Papa Roach's greatest hits now welcomes Glenn Beck and Lars Larson, Portland radio conglomerate Alpha Communications announced this morning.

Alpha Communications is run by old dude radio mogul Larry Wilson and has six radio stations in Portland: KXL FM/AM, KXTG ("the game"), KINK ("True to the music"), and KUPL ("When it comes to country, nobody does it like 98.7 KUPL"), and KXHD (I think the slogan of this station is honestly, "Let Freedom Ring"). Wilson made his riches by conglomerating radio stations into bland, financially valuable masses; he bought those six stations with the $2 billion he made selling off his old company, Citadel, which owned 205 stations in 42 cities.

Since Wilson took over the Portland stations, they have moved into a shiny, new, corporate-sponsored office and promptly fired long-time KUFO and KINK hosts.

In closing, check out ex-KUFO host Fatboy Roberts' thoughts on the news.