And much more! My friend just moved here to get her masters at Portland State University. Last night she and I did an internet search on the comically named current PSU president, Wim Wiewel. Little did we expect that the first site we clicked on would clue us in to the REAL truth about PSU! The 9/11 UFO Genocidal truth!

A snippet:

What is the reason that PSU Safety Patrollers, routinely profile, harass, and wrongfully cite elderly, black and white American men for trespassing, while continually to grant refuge to and harbor illegal aliens from Mexico? How come all of Portland State University presidents, have to be from out of state, or in the current case of the present, president, to be from Holland? Why is it that no graduate of Portland State University, is ever smart enough, or good enough, to ever become PSU president?

Wim Wiewel: Nazi Alien
  • Wim Wiewel: Nazi Alien

If I were asked to pick a favorite part of it would probably be the unexpected pro-cockfighting advertisement. But there's so much crazy, low-hanging fruit to pick from!

h/t to Rachel Hunter