Alison just hit this in It's Happening Tonight, but really you shouldn't miss it:
It's the epic Trailer War between grindhouse movie stalwart Dan Halsted and mayhem movie maverick Seth Sonstein, where they'll go head to head in a 35mm trailer battle. They each have 30 minutes to wow the audience with their personal trailer collections. You decide who wins. It all goes down at the Hollywood Theatre (tonight, 7:30 pm, $7).

Tomorrow, courtesy of Jackpot Records, it's Leprechaun with Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston's former schnaz, and green beer at the Hollywood Theatre (7 pm, $7, all ages). Sloppy Irish kisses for all!

Last Chance: Tonight and tomorrow are the last two screenings of 1982's Slumber Party Massacre (also at the Hollwood, 9:45 pm, $7). It's a crazy, tongue-in-cheek take on the slasher films of the '80s where the lovely ladies don't take shit from a willowy serial killer, penned by novelist Rita Mae Brown (!). I recommend making it a double feature after tonight's Trailer War or Leprechaun on Thursday.

Slumber Party's NSFW boobs, butts, and guts: