OMG. The internet is positively brimming today with stupid, mouth-breathing babies who don't know their asshole from a pacifier. In this installment, a dipshit baby thinks it's the height of hilarity to hear his father make a snorting sound. Too bad Two and a Half Men is going off the air, we just found the perfect audience member. Also, snorting dad? You're an idiot, too. It was your idiot genes that partially produced your idiot son, so I wouldn't be so fucking impressed if I were you. In fact the only saving grace in this stupid, stupid family is the baby's brother, who comes in later and is all like, "Okay, am I missing something here? Dad is making an ass out of himself again by snorting. Why is this funny?" IT'S NOT FUNNY, BABY! YOUR BROTHER IS MENTALLY INCAPACITATED. AND STUPID!!!

Stop laughing, you stupid, blithering baby!!