Here at the Mercury we have all become members of the "Pizza Prices are Too Damn High" party. At a meeting a couple weeks ago, the conversation veered into various rants about the glut of artisan pizza places leading to a lack of slices under $3. Case in point: Rocco's, which had terrible pizza, worked its way into our hearts with its sensibly low prices.

So we tasked intern Jenna Lechner with calling around to our favorite by-the-slice places (plus Pyro) and putting together: THE PIZZA MATRIX. Keep it handy and enjoy.

(Also, confidential to entrepreneurs: If anyone wants to start a place that sells $1 slices in Portland, you will never go out of business and we will all thank you.)

But sometimes it's worth paying more for a delicious slice. Poll time!

Which pizza place has the tastiest slice for the price?