The Portland Business Alliance (PBA) and PGE released a survey they conducted on the political beliefs and priorities of 600 registered voters in the tri-county area. Check out the PDF here

The survey is not that representative of the region as a whole—only 35 percent of the respondents were under age 45. But anyway, one of the questions related to the planned Columbia River Crossing project and the Columbia River Crossing Coalition, the pro-project advocacy group that's bankrolled partly with our public funds, is taking the results as a clear win for the big bridge. The Coalition's press release on the poll is headlined: "Poll Shows Strong Support for Columbia River Crossing."

But the results don't actually show support for the current $3.6 billion freeway project. They show support for a new bridge to replace I-5... which is exactly what critics of the project say, too. Here's the question: "Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose the construction of a replacement highway and transit bridge across the Columbia River?" Sixty-seven percent of the respondents said they support constructing a new bridge.

And with that, the "yes" crowd is in agreement with even the most outspoken critics of the CRC, who have stressed over and over again that they support some sort of new I-5 crossing, just not at with the design and cost currently proposed.