Today the Oregon House overwhelmingly approved what I think is a pretty scary bill that would prevent the public disclosure of who has a concealed weapons permit.

The bill, which was supported by 12 Democrats along with 29 Republicans, seeks to overturn a court ruling from last spring that found that knowing who's packing should be public record. The Medford Mail Tribune had been asking the local sheriff to turn over concealed weapons permits so they could see whether there are any teachers who could potentially bring guns to schools. The sheriff refused and the paper took him to court.

Now, you know that I am afraid of guns, but I am more afraid of people who carry guns being protected by state law from anyone ever finding out that they carry guns. I want to know if politicians, private security officers, and, yes, teachers, are packing. This bill is also a step back for public records and transparency of government—basing state law on the illegal refusal of a sheriff to turn over public documents is a very bad precedent.